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The Journey of KBC Seasons 

The previous seasons of KBC have brought a major change to the lives of people. It has played a key role to transform the lives of people from nothing to everything. KBC season 11 was the last season that was viewed by the TV channel audience. The format and the participation process was the same for all the previous seasons. After the KBC lottery was introduced, customers started taking more interest in it rather than participating in the KBC TV show. It is because, in the KBC lottery, it all depends entirely on your luck. Your luck plays a crucial part in KBC lottery whereas, in KBC television show, you must have great knowledge and should be able to capitalize on it. Participants have been able to bring a 360-degree change in their lives by just having good knowledge and skillset. While for the lucky draw season 11, participants were supposed to get registered in the lucky draw by buying the registered sim card. 


Impact of KBC Seasons on Lives of People    

KBC is known as a life-changer television show as it has allowed many people to fulfill their dreams. The show has great significance in the history of Indian television as it is one of the most recognized and viewed television show. The top winners of the KBC have stated that if this show did not exist then their lives would have been the same. The charismatic personality of host Amitabh Bachchan has also been the central attraction of the show. Participants loved the hosting of Amitabh Bachchan and were comfortable with it.                

Important Announcement: You need to be extremely careful of the ongoing scams that are happening with KBC lucky draw participants. If you want to be among the list of KBC top winners then you should follow our guidelines. Scammers are currently operating from Pakistan and calling KBC lucky draw participants from the Pakistani numbers. Ignore any phone call from the number that is starting from the code “+92”. These are Pakistani numbers, so you need to be very careful. Check the kbc winner list on our website and keep visiting for more updates and insights.